Anna-I Big Chopped!

1 Apr



My BC after some moisture got to it and after a color.

Its all off ladies!!! I had my last relaxer in October 2012 and BC’d on March 29, 2013. I LOVE IT!

I went on vacation to DR and made the decision to BC when I return. I could not take having to try and style my hair. I was in waterfalls, salty water, pools the whole nine. I was OVER transitioning.

On friday, I woke up, made an appointment and now I got my TWA. I actually didn’t have an epiphany or any free from bondage moment. Lol. My initial thought was “I have a big head”, then I was like “I look like mom dukes” then I was like, “ok I love it!”

Everyone loves it. I did not recieve any negativity. My bf has to warm up to it but I expected him to be apprehensive at first. People just wanted to know my motivation behind the cut and why would I part with my pretty locks. My hair has been every length usually long so ppl were shocked.

I am just in love with this hair. Its so managable and it fits me. I didnt think it would look like much initially but im glad I cut it. No regrets here. Im just happy and ready to fully embrace my natural hair.


After the big chop.


Vacation weave. It was a mess at the roots.


This is when I was over transitioning. The textures hated each other.


Transitioning wash and set. Such a bad salon experience.


Hair laid with the relaxer.


One Response to “Anna-I Big Chopped!”

  1. jesuslikespizza April 4, 2013 at 7:11 PM #

    Beautiful, welcome to the world of curls!

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