About Us

2DopeCurls is an expression of our journey, our frustration, our joy, the beginnings, the failures, and the successes of going “natural”; also known as the “transitioning” period.

As we all know, there are tons of blogs, sites, and videos about natural hair, but on this journey back to our roots, we realized everyone talks about what they went through in the transitioning process. Well this time, WE are going to go through it with YOU. We will share our experiences, our product info, and everything else you need to know about transitioning and beyond!

Anna and Mimi have been best friends for almost 8 years; here is a little about both:

Mimi is a music lover of all genres, a spiritual entrepreneur of African and West Indian decent, deeply rooted in her faith, with a stunning smile. Currently living in Boston, she acquired her Masters at the tender age of 24, and is a known traveler. She loves nothing short of the city life, and decided to go natural in August 2012.

Anna is a lover of knowledge born to an African mother and an American father. She is very personable and is rooted in building a foundation for her life. Currently living in New York City but hailing from Boston, she is working on her B.A, while in the middle of a major career change. She also loves the city life, and decided to go natural in October 2012.


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