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Anna-I Big Chopped!

1 Apr



My BC after some moisture got to it and after a color.

Its all off ladies!!! I had my last relaxer in October 2012 and BC’d on March 29, 2013. I LOVE IT!

I went on vacation to DR and made the decision to BC when I return. I could not take having to try and style my hair. I was in waterfalls, salty water, pools the whole nine. I was OVER transitioning.

On friday, I woke up, made an appointment and now I got my TWA. I actually didn’t have an epiphany or any free from bondage moment. Lol. My initial thought was “I have a big head”, then I was like “I look like mom dukes” then I was like, “ok I love it!”

Everyone loves it. I did not recieve any negativity. My bf has to warm up to it but I expected him to be apprehensive at first. People just wanted to know my motivation behind the cut and why would I part with my pretty locks. My hair has been every length usually long so ppl were shocked.

I am just in love with this hair. Its so managable and it fits me. I didnt think it would look like much initially but im glad I cut it. No regrets here. Im just happy and ready to fully embrace my natural hair.


After the big chop.


Vacation weave. It was a mess at the roots.


This is when I was over transitioning. The textures hated each other.


Transitioning wash and set. Such a bad salon experience.


Hair laid with the relaxer.



17 Mar

Guess who just joined the curlbox crew???!!!

Took FOREVER stalking them on Instagram and scanning through emails! I can’t wait to get my products!!

Is anyone else down with curlbox? ūüôā



Crotchet Braids: Thank You Hair gods!

3 Feb

Hey Dopecurls!

I am writing to share with you my experience with crochet braids. I decided to try this method to ease the manipulation of my transitioning hair. I was definitely tired of trying to style it and my friend suggested I try this style.

The method is easy on your hair. The hair is cornrolled and it prevents hair from pulling. I used Freetresses Bohemian Braid hair 20 inches. The hair is very soft and manageble. You can wash the hair and have easy access to your hair and scalp to still maintain it. I will try a wash this friday. I will see how it works out.

I absolutely love them. If you are unfamiliar I will provide a youtube link for the technique. I did it myself and it took 8 hours. I used too much hair on one side so I had to get creative to fill in the front. I know when I do them again exactly what I need. It was easy, stress free and anyone can do it. I love them! I think I will def do them again after this set. I will let my hair breath in between installation.

I would advise anyone to try to¬†braid¬†the hair¬†as close to the hair-line as possible for a natural look. You do not have to braid extra tight. My boyfriends sister did my braids and they were just fine. I’ll do a vid review in two weeks when the hair settles.

Crotchet braids technique:¬†<—I used her method.


Meet Anna!

26 Jan

Hey Guys!

Check out the video I made. Just a little hair history, and talk about the oil cleansing method.