Hair Routine

Hey Everyone!

We’ve added this section to showcase our hair routine. Obviously we are transitioning so this section will change quite frequently. The transitioning process is very new to the both of us so there are bound to be some mishaps along the way. I would like you all to understand, as a “transitioner” you are working with two textures. Following a regime of someone who is fully natural may not work for you. Natural hair responds differently then relaxed hair to styling, products and hair routines. While our goal is become natural, you must still care for and treat your relaxed hair. Treating, caring for and protecting both your unique textures is the only way to have healthy hair while becoming natural.

Anna’s Routine

1x a week

1. Detangle with water if necessary(i.e if my hair is in curls)

2. Co-wash in 4 sections and detangle

3. Shampoo from scalp to tip

4. Apply deep conditioner(detangle again if necessary), I keep the DC in for about 1 hour covered with a shower cap

5. Apply leave-in, moisturizer and seal with coconut oil

6. I style it afterwards. At this moment, I am not satisfied with my transitioning styles. My new growth responds so well to everything. My relaxed hair is becoming difficult. I find that I am re-doing my hair at about 2-3 days. I have done research on if protective styling is a must for me. My hair does not have any problems retaining length(I am finding this the main reasons why protective styling is done or If you are prone to breakage) and does not break off at the ends. I will be getting a trim and wash and set and I will see how my hair responds for the week with that. I will sit under a dryer.

When I was relaxing, I kept it simple. I did wash and sets and permed my hair maybe every 3 months. I wore my hair wrapped at night with a satin scarf. I did not put much product in it and usually whatever my hair stylist did left my hair moisturized for weeks. I washed my hair every 3-4 weeks.

7. I apply oil to my scalp and massage it when I feel the need to throughout the week. I also add moisturizer when I feel my hair needs it.


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