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Is Your Hair Your ONLY Identity?

13 Jan

I was surfing the web checking out natural and transitioning hair sites and came across an interesting trend. Many women who are all natural or going from relaxed to natural have an ideal on what it means to be natural. I’ve heard arguments about using heat, certain products, styles and all. Some people in the natural community state that you aren’t truly natural is you use heat. Some women in the community also feel is you are not using “natural” or “organic” products than you are not treating your hair properly. I have also come across those who feel there is a certain way to be when natural. While reading the sites, I have read the term “natural nazi” floating around (I chuckled). Here is a link to the meaning of the term “natural nazi” aka the hair police.

I have been hearing from people, I don’t look like the “natural” type. I have been told I will start acting like India Arie and Erykah Badu and try to convert people. I have heard it all. LOL. I understand most of it comes from people not understanding and just being plain ole ignant. I was taken aback when I started researching and found that the  “natural” hair community have harsher opinions than most. The things I have read are crazy. A girl on youtube decided to use sew-ins for protective styles while growing out her TWA. The comments this girl received hurt my heart for her. I am transitioning but I will never put someone down who gets relaxers, straightens their hair, wear weaves or whatever. Everything is not for everyone. What works for me may not work for you. I respect that and I think everyone should. Hair and character does not always go hand in hand. I can be “natural” and evil as well as relaxed and a beautiful spirit. Hair can be used as an extension of oneself but should not be all that you are. Learn to love yourself and the choices you make. Do not let anyone bring you down for your choice to be relaxed, “natural”, weaved-up and all.

For laughs, here is an encounter with a “natural nazi”, lol. I chuckled.



For those who aren’t natural, what vibes do you get from natural girls?